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Children are our greatest treasure. They are the foundation for our future, both in life as in sports.


That's why we have decided, at Drava Ptuj football club, to cooperate with local kindergartens and schools. We want to present our vision, which is based on making children fall in love with sports through play and fun.


Above all, we want the children to master important basics, such as cooperation, team spirit, enthusiasm and persistence, discipline and motivation, motoric development and everything that helps them grow up into healthy individuals.


In August, we managed to conclude cooperation with almost all kindergartens and schools in Ptuj, and we've started training again in September 2022.


 President of FC Drava

 Andrej Maglica

Our soccer school offers:

- planned professional and high-quality exercise,


- learning soccer content and developing motor skills,


- participation in competitions and tournaments


- and most importantly FUN, SOCIALIZATION, PLAY and JOY



Write to us: or call us on: 071 555 123


More about mandatory equipment at the link.

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