In the coming year 2023, the Football Club Drava Ptuj will celebrate its 90th anniversary.

The historical outlines of football in Slovenia tell us that football was first played in schools, and from there it quickly spread among youth.


The Yugoslav Football Association was founded in September 1919 and was admitted to FIFA as a permanent member in 1923. During the Second World War, almost all sporting activities stopped.

After 1945, football was included in general sports and so-called "physical-cultural" associations were formed. In 1948, the Football Association of Slovenia was founded, consisting the areas of Gorica, Maribor, Ljubljana, Celje, Dolenjska, Gorenjska and Prekmurje.

The first records of football in Ptuj can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century.

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The diaries of the Ptuj grammar school testify that in 1899 we can see a big increase in the hours of physical education at school.

In  1904, the municipality of Ptuj passed a decision and granted the Ptuj student's dormitory next to the railway line to be turned into a sports field.


In 1913, youth in Ptuj founded a football club called »Dravski orel«. Ludvig Nedog was its first president, Loschania was its general secretary and Paulitsch was its captain.

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In 1919, the Sports Club Ptuj was founded, consisting of various sections. The football section was founded in 1920.


Sports club Ptuj (Sport klub Pettau) had mainly German members, although there were also some Slovenian players.


It is worth mentioning the women's team, who had their first women's football match in 1936.

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On May 14, 1933, the Football Sports club Ptuj was founded, which together with the old German SK Ptuj (Pettau) played under the Maribor district league until 1941.


The first president of the Drava football club was a veterinarian, dr. Aleš Lešnik.

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During the occupation period (1941-1945), the club ceased to function, the club property was confiscated and all officials were sent into exile.

After World War II

After the Second World War, football revived again and already in 1946 a series of competitions took place at the federal and republican level.


In Slovenia, football was organized by regions and so-called "zones" until 1949.


A native, Slavo Komac, as the president of the physical and cultural club, gathered officials and players and revived the work of the Drava sports club.


On September 16, 1948, the association split into the Ptuj Gymnastics Association and the Drava Sports Association.


In 1950, the sports club was renamed the Drava Ptuj Football Club (NK Drava Ptuj).


In the 1950s, football spread in the villages around Ptuj, and football clubs sprang up everywhere in the then Ptuj district: in Hajdina (1946), Markovci (1953), Dornava and Gorišnica (1954) and many others.


The first major club in Strnišče, NK/FC Aluminij, was founded.


After the independence of Slovenia, the first president of the Drava Football Club was Alojz Kavčič, followed by Mitja Omulec, Peter Vesenjak and Boris Perger.


The board of directors has always consisted of several well-known personalities from Ptuj, such as Miroslav Luci, Miran Vuk, Milan Petek, Drago Žlender, Martin Vogrinec, Marjan Pongrac, Jože Maučec, Simon Starček, Mirko Majhenič...


The major sponsorship contract was signed by club president Boris Perger and director of Asfalti Ptuj, Marjan Pongrac.


Robert Furjan was the next president of the club, and with his leadership, Drava managed to break into the first league, where he stayed for several years.


Many coaches and players came and went, and the most important people in the management of the board were Mirko Majhenič, Fredi Kmetec, Berhard Majhenič, Marjan Ostroško, Marjan Pongrac and Martin Vogrinec, while Peter Lugarič successfully dealt with important organizational and technical issues for years.



Drava played in the first league for seven years.


In the beginning, the club was called Kumho Drava, for the next four years it was known as Drava Ptuj, while with the arrival of the new president, Franc Gajšek, it was renamed to Labod Drava Ptuj.

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Despite the crisis, the club was still in the first league, but the debts were increasing, which meant the departure of the best players and, as a result, relegation to the second league.


On the basis of licensing criteria, Slovenia's  Football Association moved Drava Football Club to the lowest level of the competition.


Ptuj's team first played in the Štajerska League, then in the Super League, and in the season 2013/2014, played in the third Slovenian football league - East.


In the last period, under the name of Football School Drava Ptuj, it was led by president Igor Šoštarič, who was replaced by the very active Aleš Luci, who brought the team to the third league.


Marcel Rojko continued Luci's work as president, and at the end of 2013, Fredi Kmetec became president.

Football school

 The football school Drava Ptuj was founded on December 1, 2004, under the leadership of Marjan Pongrac. The first head of the school was Dušan Čeh, followed by Boris Emeršič, who remained in the position until 2012, when Franc Fridl took over.


The school was intended for children from the age five and had as many as 450 children since its inception.


In three sports seasons, two youth teams played in the first national league.

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